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Repair kit for PROSCAN 40LD45QC power supply RE46AY2501 - shutting down, not powering on problem

If your PROSCAN 40LD45QC shuts off immediately or shortly after being turned on chances are good it is because of the power supply board RE46AY2501 in it and you can use this simple kit to remedy the problem.

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This repair kit addresses a common failure in power supply board RE46AY2501 used in PROSCAN 40LD45QC and possibly other models and LCD TVs.

Please read the listing carefully and in full to avoid possible confusion.

Before placing an order please ensure that the board in your TV is the same as the one in this listing (RE46AY2501 )!
The same TV model is also known to be shipped with other versions of that power supply as well as altogether different power supplies! Do not assume that since you found the listing through the model this is the kit for you!

Also, read the "Failure symptoms" section to learn and inspect your board for possible match against the known failure that the kit addresses.

Coppell TV Repair LLC will not be responsible for orders placed by mistake!

Failure symptoms

The most common failure symptom and the one tha this kit cures is usually manifested by the TV coming on for a few seconds and then shutting itself off.

Over time this can get to not ever showing backlight and directly shutting off.

Unfortunately the same symptoms can be observed from other failures, so we can not guarantee you that this kit will resolve the problem based on symptoms alone.

Visual inspection of the small blue capacitor C26 located on the outer side of one of the two large high voltage transformers may sometimes reveal swelling or even burning, but this is also not always the case.

Measurements with DMM are not guaranteed to help either as the problem may only show itself under load conditions (high voltage and high frequency).

Difficulty level

This is as easy a repair service as they come, but it still requires some basic soldering skills.

You will need an iron - almost any will do, some solder and a Philips screw driver so you can get to the board.

Warranties and returns

The repair kit for RE46AY2501 comes without warranties of any kind of success, explicit or implied.

We have repaired several PROSCAN 40LD45C with the same problem and are releasing the kit based on our knowledge and experience in hope it can be a quick and cost effective way to help others, but we can not and do not guarantee it will solve your problem.

Returns are NOT accepted.


Listed price includes shipping with USPS First Class mail anywhere within contintental USA or to anywhere where the same postage applies.

Please contact us if you want this shipped overseas.