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A DIY repair kit for a common problem in LG EAY60968701 power supply board used in the 50PJ plasma TV series

Coppell TV Repair LLC offers you a repair kit for a common problem developing in power supply board EAY60968701 used in the 50PJ plasma TV series by LG.

Failure types and symptoms addressed by the kit, repair task difficulty level and other related and important information can be found below.

As with all repairs please note that we can never guarantee that this kit is all that is needed to fix the TV. It is offerred based on experience and technical information available to Coppell TV Repair at the time of the listing. For details please see the warranty conditions section below.


Please note: Every failure has a component of randomness in it and as such you should be aware that failure symptoms may vary from failure to failure and sometimes you can get the same components fail with a different manifestation of the falure and the other way around - sometimes a TV may manifest certain symptoms and just because a listing includes them does not automatically mean they are caused by this exact same failure.

Try to find shorted / open components as indicated for a better confirmation of the failure source.

One typical failure symptom of a failed EAY60968701 is a TV that has a standby power, but upon attempting to turn TV on it clicks on and quickly back off, never actually turning on and staying on. The screen may flash for a second or may remain dark at the whole time.

An open fuse F302 or shorted diode D304 (located on the right side of heat sink HS2 toward the middle of the board) are a definite sign for the need of this repair kit.

Also an open wirewound resistor from the ones shown on the pictures (those are from the upper right corner of the board, next to the sustain power connector) is a definite indication for the need of this kit.
Those resistors normally have fairly low resistance and often times one or more of them would burn and open in a failure, very much like fuses.

Note some versions of the boards use TWO and others use THREE such resistors resistors


Please note there are two different versions of this kit targeting two different revisions of the boards (and more may become known over time).

Presently, there are boards with two or three power resistors at the sustain output and since those are affected by a failure there are respectively two different versions of the kit.

At the time of this listing's creation this kit contained 1 fuse (F302), 1 diode (D304), the power resistors as shown on the pictures (R927 and R929 for the board revisions with two resistrs) and the IC301 voltage regulator IC.

Not necessarily all components may be bad in your case, but we recommend replacing them all.

Contents may change as we gain more experience and see other commonly failed components and this listing may not necessarily be timely updated.


Basic to intermediate soldering skills level and consumer electronics grade soldering iron required to perform the repairs.


The free shipping and handling included in the price uses USPS First Class package within USA and possibly Canada.


We do not offer warranty for the components on the kit once you use any of them on a board.
We offer repair services for the board and when we do we give warranty on the final result.