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Those are the IPMs used in 42'' plasma sustain boards 6871QYH053A, 6871QYH053B,6870QYH005B, 6871QYH953A, 6870QYH105B and possibly others.

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Coppell TV Repair offers you one or more units of LG's YPPD-J018C , Sanyo's STK795-820 or some of their other (and compatible) revisions.

Those are the IPMs used in 42'' plasma sustain boards 6871QYH053A, 6871QYH053B,6870QYH005B, 6871QYH953A, 6870QYH105B and possibly others.

Coppell TV Repair's core business is TV and component level module repair, including repair of the above mentioned boards, but to help our bottom dollar we are also selling the components to other service centers and DIY enthusiasts.

As mentioned above you will be getting one of several different ICs, which are all 100% compatible. We do not know what exactly we are going to have at the moment - it can be LG's YPPD-J018C or Sanyo's STK795-820 or maybe another one.

What we do guarantee you is that this is going to be the best that we could find on the market and that we ourselves use it in our repair services.

We were among the first and since about 2010 the biggest seller of such IPMs. You can check our combined listings' numbers and you should also check our repair services' numbers to find out that we are also the biggest vendor of repair services for the above listed boards. We have probably more jobs done than all our competitors combined!

This is to say that we do care about what ICs we use and we do buy the best we can find - even if it costs more. And there is a lot of crap out there!

Alas, as global market supplies of quality ICs were depleted we too had to resort to buying pull-outs.


We will pre-screen it for you, meaning we will do basic inspection for shorts and we will do our best to spot defects like broken or missing pins etc.

However, we can't guarantee the IC will be functional or for how long it will operate (since it is used and since those IPMs have a limited life time).

The same probably applies to all other such ICs you will find on the market unless the seller explicitly declares their modules are brand new and they know what are they talking about. In our humble experience most of them do not.

Make sure to read the warranty conditions section before proceeding to a purchase!

If you want to buy five or more units at the same time please contact us first!



We do our best to pre-screen items for apparent problems, but you have to understand this is an error-prone process; if you receive an IC with a visible or measurable issue (e.g. missing pin or clearly shorted power lines) you can return it for exchange or refund.

This warranty ends the moment the IC is soldered on a board. From there on you are on your own.

If you want better warranty please use our board repair services or just buy a functional board; both of those carry our standard 90 days warranty unless otherwise noted in the listings.

The IC you will receive will be from the same box that we ourselves use in our repair services. That does not anyhow guarantee it will be fact, statistically it guarantees that some ICs won't be good.

But unless we don't have a measurable or visible defect we can never tell if the IC was originally damaged or a result of improper handling or just external failure; all of those have happened and continue happening at our repair facility and this is why all warranties end at the point of putting an IC to work.

If you do not find our conditions acceptable please use another vendor!