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One or more units of the OB3316QP backlight inverter driver IC.

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Coppell TV Repair offers you one or more units of the OB3316QP backlight inverter driver IC as shown on the below picture.

It is used in various LCD TV backlight inverters such as the AYL400201, AYL400202, AYL400207 and AYL400208 and others.

Please realize that replacing this IC alone may or may not fix your inverter board; there may be other components that have failed in addition or apart from it.

We - Coppell TV Repair - specialize in LCD and plasma TV repairs and we have fixed hundreds if not thousands of such boards - locally and through Internet.

Please note we can and will try to support your efforts within some reasonable margins, but we can not troubleshoot your board remotely nor can we spend the time to teach customers on individual basis.

If that does not sound right to you or if you doubt the quality of the product or our services and advices please do not purchase from us!